Making the world uninhabitable?

  • how are we speeding extinction and altering the natural world?


  • how much has animal and plant life decreased for the past 100 years?

Alot of animals and plants has dyed. We humans are destroing the nature. Alot of things has changed and the sea and the forrest are in danger.

  • are any species particularly at risk right now?

The sea and the lives under the water are at risk becouse the animals are dying of what we throw in the water, alot of things we throw in the water is killing them.

  • which areas/countries are most at risk?

Norway are at risk becouse we throw alot of plastic in the sea and it is killing the animals in the sea

  • are any solutions offered?

We have to stop throwing garbage in the sea and we have to teach the young children to don’t throw anything in the sea. We have to do samething and not only talk about it becouse now many animals are dying.



Here im going to talk about the culture difference and multiculturalism.

The story about being immigrant and raising a family in a different culture is telling us that multiculturalism is not easy, and its not samething that everyone would like.

Some people don’t feel like they are welcome and don’t feel like they are home and some is not happy becouse they miss their own country. But for some people it works for them well and they like it and they are happy with that new lifestyle.


Immigrants of USA

Many immigrants recognises det challenges of an immigrant or being a part og an immigrant family, becouse they think alot of stuff the same way and handle it the same way like other immigrants becouse the way parents grew up and the culture.

We all can learn alot about being an immigrant by watching these shows becouse it makes us think about how other immigrants family think, how they handle stuff and what they do. Most immigrants is a little bit the same. eks. The way they react, how they respond and what is ok and not ok for them.

Both of the show talked about immigrant family and that in the begining it was hard and anoying and they did not underestod much, but when they grew up they underestod all.

Hassan talked alot about his life and Trevor talked about more than only his life, he talked about food, building the wall, Donald Trump, racism and more.


Eddie and Langston are to African-Americans, father and son who where upset of the murder of Alton Sterling, who was killed by two pollice officers. The father wrote a letter to his son and sayd to be strong and keep going and be carefull.

I think that the police officers who makes mistakes shoul be treated the same way normal people get treated when they make mistakes or kill sameone. In America is many police officers who get away with murder and it should be changed.

The Kite Runner


  1. Baba and Amir had to og through alot. They had to travel a long way and a risky way, they did not slept well and they had to change from trailer to another trailer to og to the USA. Yes, alot of people that had to travel out of the country og through the same process. Some process is easier and some are difficoult.
  2. He ment at there is a way to be good, to fix the past mistakes he did when he was young. Yes, it’s verry important for Amir to be good again, becouse he did verry bad things when he was young and he wanted to fix them. Yes it’s important becouse we can feel better if we fix the bad mistakes we did in the past and maybe fix everything alse that got broken by them mistakes.
  3. Yes i agree becouse its true, we have to do good things in life, not kill people and lie to people. If sameone steals samething from another one that might means alot to that penson and if sameone steals it, the person would be broken and he will not be happy becouse he lost the thing that meant alot to him.
  4. He stole his freedom and confidence. He hurted his feeling and maybe gave him nightmares becouse that’s not easy to forget.
  5. Yes, there is fake people saying they are Afghanistan and changing the culture little by little and not respecting the true culture and the rouls. Yes, it would be a little was between the fake Afhans and the real ones becouse they will not agree with each other.
  6. It can change if the grown people treat kids the same and give them the same rights.


Amir is from Kabul and is the main character in The Kite Runner book but not the best Kite Runner, becouse Hassan is the best Kite Runner. (His good friend)

Amir lost his mother to birth and he feels guilty about that. He often seeks attention specially from his father but his father doesn’t give him enough attention.

Amir is allways jealous, weak, lonely, mean and coward  but he is also smart and have good immagination and also comes from a rich family.

Amir is often mean to Hassan becouse Hassan allways gets attention. Amir ignores Hassan sametimes becouse he is jealous of him becouse he gets alot of attention and also thinks that baba likes Hassan better than him.

Amir and his father moves to America and many years leter when Amir grows up, he still rememberes his childhood and never forgets what he did when he was younger and feels bad about what he did to Hassan and why he was mean to him.

Educations for girls

In the movie ‘Girl rising’ is about how nine of the girls from different countries are living and how some of them managed to go to school and some others can’t and aren’t allowed to. Why some alot of girls can’t go to school? Why is it not allowed girls goes to school?

In some countries the alot of girls doesn’t go to school at all becouse they have to stay home and the boys goes to school. For example in some countries some girls have to take care of their siblings and do house work and boys can go  to school, play football and do what ever they whant. In some countries it’s a man who dicedes for a woman what she can do or can’t do, just becouse she is a woman and they think that it’s not woth that wommen goes to school.

In my opinion, girls in some different countries isn’t living free and have a hard life. It’s becausse some of them got no enough money, not enough freedom and it’s can’t go to school.

My conclusion is that education for girls should be allowed and should be normal in all of the countries, and girls should go to school and get education and choose their life.