Quality Education and Gender Equality

Here I will talk about the two goals I have read is about goal 4. Quality Education and goal 5. Gender Ecuality.
the goal 4. Quality Education is about how important education is, because with no education you can’t work and provide for yourself and your family. Poor family can’t afford education but the rich family can and that’s unfair. Because education is very important for everyone and everyone must have that so they will have a better life.
The goal 5. Gender Equality is about the gender equality in other countrys and the womens in other countrys don’t have the same freedom as the men, because they are not as important as the men. They treat women bad and the women don’t have freedom there and its very unfair.
I agree that goal 4. and 5. is very important because its impossible to live without education and freedom, and them two goals is very importan in now days. I think that everyone should have education and should be allowed to get the education they want and everyone specially women in other countrys should have freedom and choose how they want to live their lives and what to do.





No Slavery

In this blog i will talk about the short movie i watched about the slavery and what i think about it.

After seing the short » no slavery»  movie and all kind of slavery in the world, i got in shok becouse i could not bellieve that, and the way they live.

They have no freedom and they cant do what they want becouse they are trapped and they cant escape. Thay are forced to do alot they dont whant to do and thats sad. They cant escape becouse there is no way of escaping.

I think that the world should help becouse the way they living is impossible, and its hard, and it is one of the wors way to live.

Life below water

Hei, in this blog i will talk about life below water and why i think that is important.

Life below water is global goal nr. 14 and it is verry important to the citys that have alot of sea, now days there is alot of trash and plastic in the sea and that is not good for the fishes and the environment.

To avoid bad thing happening to the fishes, we need to tak care of the environment and the sea.